About Us

Plant Lust is dedicated to helping plant lovers locate plants at independent nurseries.

Founded by garden lovers in Portland, Oregon in 2010, Plant Lust has long worked with nurseries and photographers throughout the world to provide with the world's easiest plant search engine, populated with more than 40,000 plants by around 100 independent nurseries.

With the addition of our marketplace in 2016, shoppers can now order from multiple nurseries through a single shopping cart, so they can spend more time planting, less time filling out order forms. Meanwhile, our listing nurseries can offer their customers the latest and greatest shopping experience with no extra technical burden.

Our business offices are in Portland, Oregon. Our plants are sold and shipped directly from partner nurseries we know, love and trust.

Catch up with our plant-obsessed team on our blog, or email us at hello@plantlust.com with questions.